Thursday, May 31, 2007

Freediver Breaks Record in Dean's Blue Hole on Long Island

On the morning of the 11th April, 2007, in Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island, Bahamas, the freediver and athlete, 26 year old William Trubridge of New Zealand, set a new Freediving World Record of 82 meters in the discipline of Constant Weight No Fins. The attempt was presided over and ratified by the Association for the International Development of Apnea (A.I.D.A.), with international judges present from Greece and Brazil.
Two days earlier, William dove to 81 meters under his own effort on a single breath of air, breaking the long-standing record of 80 meters that was set on the 9th April, 2005. He then proceeded to break his new record with a dive to 82 meters.
In breaking his own world record, William had this to say:
"It feels good to finally have it in the bag after the problems of 2006. The highlight was being able to perform in front of spectators for the 82 meter dive, which can often be a major hurdle for a freediver, and I am especially happy that I was able to do it in Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island where I received a lot of support from the locals."
William’s initial plan was to attempt a dive of 84 meters, but he decided that breaking two records and setting the demons to rest would be enough this time around. He plans to better this record later on in the year, possibly during the month of October.
William Trubridge, whose sponsors include Stella Maris Resort resides on the northern part of the Italian island of Sardegna, and has been diving only four years. He is the protégé and friend of the former 17 time multi-disciplined world record holder, Umberto Pelizzari.

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