Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Going Improvements at the Stella Maris Airport

The next phase is completion of the presently-worked-on temporary apron, on which trailer type buildings will be installed, for all operations of security, police, immigration, customs and general airport managements.

Next, changes to the existing buildings, to meet distance (from the runway) requirements.
When completed, Bahamasair will be allowed to resume its flights. Also at this point we believe that any commuter’s and/or airline will be able to apply for Florida-Stella Maris routes.

Also slated is the lengthening from 4,000' to 5,000', and widening of the runway = 5OO’ each south-east and north-west, together with the then necessary rerouting of the by-passing main road, widening of the runway to 9O or 1OO’ width, runway emergency lighting, and shoulder improvements.

The last measure will be, in terms of big changes, the re-locating of the final building/facility place to between the runway and the main road.

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